With a share of 19 percent, the automotive industry is our second largest sector. Through our many years of experience and know-how, we distinguish ourselves with a wide range of customised solutions and high-quality products to meet our customers’ requirements.


The cup holders for vehicle interiors have been developed with high demands on design and functionality. Using the 2-component injection moulding process, we achieve a manufacturing result that not only meets the requirements for the appearance of the surface, but is also characterised by special scratch and abrasion resistance.


Anyone who wants to supply components for the drive electrics in the field of e-mobility has to plan cleanly: Highly sensitive requirements make mould planning and execution absolute precision work. The plug components for the high-voltage area in electric cars are manufactured from high-cavity moulds using injection moulding, in order to also take the economic aspect into account.

Butterfly Armrest

Our armrest – developed for the interior of vehicles from innovative car manufacturers. The components are made of long glass fibre reinforced plastic and are then partially painted. A manufacturing process that produces a resilient and dimensionally stable product.

Porsche Headlights

We developed and designed the production of the headlight component exclusively for the renowned vehicle manufacturer Porsche. The plastic material is sealed using the hot foil print process, leaving the lettering visible for optimum branding. Tooling, injection moulding and film from a single source.

Mobile phone holder

The production process of our mobile phone holders for the automotive industry is carried out using 2-component injection moulding technology. In combination with the 4+4` index process, the components – in various colours – can be manufactured.