Consumer parts

We distribute a wide range of household products worldwide. Although this area only accounts for a share of 9 per cent, it is one of our long-standing business areas in which we have gained extensive experience.

Window complex

The window complex is produced using the injection moulding process including surface finishing and assembly with various joining processes. Our level of automation of almost 100% guarantees that these products fully meet the demanding quality standards of innovative washing machine manufacturers.


These housings for lye pumps have been specially developed for their use in washing machines. By using a 2-component injection moulding process in combination with additional overmoulding, we achieve a high-quality and hard-wearing product.

Vacuum Cleaner Control Unit

The production of our hoover control units, including assembly, testing and sustainable logistics concept, was completely planned by our team. All plastic components of these units are manufactured using the most modern injection moulding process. After semi-automatic assembly and printing, the assembly is fully automatically tested and labelled in the specially developed system. Due to the subsequent reusable logistics concept, the amount of packaging material could be reduced by more than 80% compared to comparable products.


In detailed planning and multi-stage simulations, a precisely fitting tool for the production of the housings has been developed and built. Using injection moulding, we achieve an annual production of significant quantities, which ensure seamless integration of the control boards in dishwashers.